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Meet Our Team of Business Experts

And AI Innovators

Melding Business Expertise and Technological Innovation for Digital Success


At Ai Outsource Hub, we bring together a dynamic team of seasoned business professionals and AI innovators who share a common goal: to reshape content strategies and elevate brands through the strategic fusion of business insight and cutting-edge technology. With a wealth of collective experience and a passion for content excellence, we are committed to driving success for businesses in the digital age.

Michael Egidio

As the dedicated owner of AI Outsource Hub, Michael Egidio leverages his 20+ year sales background alongside a 5-year entrepreneurial venture, fueling his passion for supporting emerging businesses. Michael’s entrepreneurial endeavors have equipped him with firsthand insights into the challenges of starting and growing businesses. 

Harry R. Blackston
Ai Developer

Harry excels in delivering tailored AI technology solutions to our business clientele. With a strong background in machine learning and a knack for client engagement, Harry ensures our offerings stay at the forefront of industry innovation.

Guillermo V. Hanson
Ai Developer

Joe excels in crafting custom AI technology solutions tailored to our business clients’ unique needs. With a rich background in machine learning and a keen understanding of diverse business sectors, Joe ensures our solutions are forward-thinking and valuable.

Our mission is to empower businesses with AI-powered content solutions

By leveraging the strengths of Ai technology alongside the insights gained from navigating the intricacies of various industries, we are dedicated to helping our clients create meaningful, impactful content that resonates with their target audiences.

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