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7 Day Social Media Plan

Create 7-day content and schedule plan for the release of your new or existing product.


Here’s a 7-day content and schedule plan for the release of your new watch


Day 1: Teaser Day

Morning: Post a teaser photo of the watch on Instagram and Facebook with a caption hinting at the new release. Use hashtags related to watches and your  brand.
Afternoon: Share a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories showing the packaging process.
Evening: Tweet a countdown to the release with a link to a landing page where people can sign up for updates.

Day 2: Announcement Day

Morning: Officially announce the new watch on all platforms with high-quality images and videos showcasing the watch.
Afternoon: Share a blog post on LinkedIn and Twitter detailing the features and benefits of the new watch.
Evening: Host a Q&A session on Instagram Live to discuss the new release and answer any questions.

Day 3: Highlight Features Day

Morning: Post close-up photos of the watch’s features on Instagram and Facebook.
Afternoon: Share a video on YouTube and LinkedIn demonstrating the watch’s features.
Evening: Tweet customer testimonials if available, or share what makes your watch unique compared to competitors.

Day 4: Lifestyle Day

Morning: Share photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook showing the watch being worn in different settings.
Afternoon: Share a blog post on how the watch complements different styles and occasions.
Evening: Tweet links to the blog post and engage with any user comments and questions.

Day 5: Collaboration Day

Morning: Announce a collaboration with influencers or brands on Instagram and Facebook, showing them wearing or using the watch.
Afternoon: Share influencer content across all platforms.
Evening: Engage with the audience’s comments and questions on all platforms.

Day 6: Reminder Day
Morning: Remind your audience about the new watch on all platforms, sharing different angles and features.
Afternoon: Share a countdown to the end of any launch promotions.
Evening: Engage with the community and answer any questions.

Day 7: Launch Recap

Morning: Share a recap of the launch week on all platforms, thanking everyone for their support.
Afternoon: Share user-generated content of happy customers with their new watches.
Evening: Announce any upcoming events or news related to the product.

Remember to monitor the performance of your posts using analytics tools, and adjust your strategy as necessary based on the data.

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7 Day Social Media Plan

Create 7-day content and schedule plan for the release of your new or existing product.

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Create 7-day content and schedule plan for the release of your new or existing product.

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