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Ai defines a streamlined MVP blueprint to facilitate your product launch.


1. Singular Use Case and Target Audience Segment:

Use Case: Creation of mood-based playlists for indie music lovers.
Target Audience Segment: Indie music aficionados within the age group of 18 to 35 who frequently use Spotify and are constantly in search of fresh tunes that match their current mood.

2. User Journey of the MVP:

Step 1: User signs up/logins into the platform using Spotify credentials.
Step 2: User is prompted to select their current mood from a list of predefined moods.
Step 3: AI algorithm curates a playlist based on the selected mood, using a combination of user’s past listening history and other indie music tracks popular within the community.
Step 4: User listens to the curated playlist on Spotify through the MVP platform.
Step 5: User can provide feedback on the playlist, save it to their Spotify account, or request a new playlist for a different mood.

3. Pivotal Features for the Inaugural Version:

1. Mood Selection Interface: An intuitive interface for users to select their current mood.
2. AI-Driven Playlist Curation: AI engine that curates playlists based on the user’s selected mood and past listening history.
3. Playlist Playback Functionality: Allows users to play the curated playlist on Spotify through the MVP platform.
4. Feedback Mechanism: A simple interface for users to provide feedback on the curated playlists to improve future curation.
5. Save & Share Feature: Enable users to save the curated playlist to their Spotify account and share it on social media.

4. Detailed 4-Week Plan for MVP Construction:

Week 1:

Day 1-2: Finalize the design mockups for the user interface.
Day 3-5: Set up the basic tech foundation using a no-code platform like Bubble or Adalo.
Day 6-7: Begin integrating Spotify API for user authentication and playlist playback.

Week 2:

Day 1-3: Continue with Spotify API integration and test authentication and playlist playback.
Day 4-5: Develop the mood selection interface.
Day 6-7: Begin developing the AI-driven playlist curation mechanism.

Week 3:

Day 1-4: Finalize the AI-driven playlist curation mechanism and integrate it into the platform.
Day 5-7: Develop and integrate the feedback mechanism.

Week 4:

Day 1-3: Develop and integrate the Save & Share feature.
Day 4-5: Conduct thorough testing of all functionalities.
Day 6-7: Fix any identified bugs, and make necessary adjustments based on test results.

MVP Criteria Considerations:

The use of a no-code platform will expedite the development process while keeping the tech foundation rudimentary.
The mood-based playlist curation aims to gauge the target audience’s willingness to invest time (and potentially money) in discovering new indie music tailored to their mood. A freemium revenue model could be adopted where basic playlist curation is free, but a premium subscription offers additional features like unlimited mood-based playlists, ad-free experience, etc. The specific niche focus is on indie music lovers who are looking for mood-based playlists,
which is a unique proposition that addresses a specific need rather than a broad audience.

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MVP Description Generator

Ai defines a streamlined MVP blueprint to facilitate your product launch.

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Ai defines a streamlined MVP blueprint to facilitate your product launch.

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