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Qualifying Call Script

Lead qualification and sales promotion script


Certainly! Here’s a concise, conversational script for your qualification call as a Sales Executive promoting a Retirement Webinar to a retired couple:


Duration: 2 minutes
My goal: Establish rapport and set the call’s agenda.

My script:

“Hello! Is this [retired couple’s name]?”
“Hi, I’m [Your Name], a Sales Executive with [Company Name]. I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me today. “I’ve heard a bit about your interests and thought our Retirement Webinar might be a perfect fit.
Mind if I ask a few questions to make sure it’s right for you?”

Transition to the next stage: “Great! Let’s dive in.”


Duration: 6 minutes
My goal: Understand their needs, pain points, and retirement goals.

My script:

“What prompted you to consider a retirement webinar at this time?”
“How do you currently plan or learn about your retirement life?”
“Are there any specific topics or areas you’re hoping to explore or understand better?” “Have you attended any webinars or seminars on retirement before? If so, what did you like or dislike about them?”

Transition to the next stage: “Thanks for sharing that. Based on what you’ve said…”


Duration: 7 minutes
My goal: Highlight the value of the Retirement Webinar in relation to their needs.

My script:

“Our Retirement Webinar is tailored for folks just like you. Here’s how it can benefit you:”
“- We address [specific topic they mentioned], ensuring you get a comprehensive understanding.”
“- We’ve had renowned experts who share practical tips and insights.”
“- It’s interactive, so you can ask questions and engage in real-time.”
“Many retired couples found it incredibly beneficial, especially when it comes to [pain point they mentioned].”

Transition to the next stage: “Would you like to know how you can be part of it?”


Duration: 3 minutes
My goal: Address any reservations or concerns they might have.

My script:

“I understand your concern about [objection]. Here’s what we’ve done to address that…”
“Many others felt the same before joining, but they found…”

Transition to the next stage: “With that in mind, does our Retirement Webinar sound like something you’d be interested in?”


Duration: 2 minutes
My goal: Secure commitment or schedule a follow-up.

My script:

“Great! It sounds like our webinar could offer some valuable insights for you.” “Would you like to join our upcoming session? Or would you prefer I send you more detailed information for you to review?”
“Just to let you know, spots fill up quickly, so it’d be great if you decide soon.”

Transition to the next stage: “Thank you for your time today! I’ll [send the information/secure your spot]. Let’s keep in touch.”

Remember, the key is to be genuine, listen actively, and adapt based on their responses. Best of luck with your qualification calls!

Are you tired of robotic sales scripts that leave potential leads hanging up the phone? Our “Qualification Call Script” is designed to guide you through effective organic lead qualification and sales promotion. This conversational script will help you engage potential leads in meaningful conversations, uncover their needs, and seamlessly promote your products or services.

Why Choose Our Script?

In today’s fast-paced business world, rigid sales scripts no longer cut it. Our script empowers you with a natural, conversational approach that allows you to truly connect with potential leads. Here’s how it works:

Conversational Flow: Our script guides you through a natural conversation, making potential leads feel at ease and more willing to open up about their needs.

Lead Qualification: Discover the pain points and needs of potential leads, enabling you to better understand if your product or service is a good fit for them.

Seamless Promotion: Promote your product or service organically within the conversation, focusing on its benefits and how it addresses the specific needs of the lead.

Benefits of Using Our Script:

Meaningful Conversations: Instead of robotic sales calls, our script helps you engage in meaningful conversations that leave potential leads with a positive impression.

Lead Qualification: By using a conversational approach, you can effectively qualify leads and focus your efforts on those most likely to convert.

Seamless Promotion: Promote your product or service without the hard sell. Potential leads are more likely to respond positively to an approach that addresses their needs.

Increased Conversions: Our script is designed to enhance your conversion rates by ensuring that you focus on qualified leads and promote your offering effectively.

Ready to Elevate Your Sales Approach?

With our “Qualification Call Script,” you’ll have the tools to engage potential leads in organic, meaningful conversations that lead to better lead qualification and increased conversions. Say goodbye to rigid scripts and hello to a more effective and enjoyable sales process. Get started today and watch your sales calls transform into productive interactions that lead to success

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Qualifying Call Script

Lead qualification and sales promotion script

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Lead qualification and sales promotion script

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