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Targeted Content Idea Generator

Ai concocts ten content marketing ideas, harmonizing audience needs, customer journey, and channels.



  • Business Name: GreenTech Home Solutions
  • Product/Service: Eco-friendly home automation products (smart thermostats, energy-efficient lighting, water-saving systems, etc.)
  • Target Audience: Homeowners aged 30-50 who are environmentally conscious and tech-savvy.
  • Content Marketing Channels: Blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Email Newsletters.


Customer Journey StepTarget Audience’s QuestionContent MarketingContent Marketing IdeaImpact Score
Passive lookingWhat are eco-friendly
home solutions?
Blog“Top 5 Eco-friendly Home Automation Products of 2023”
Active lookingHow do smart
thermostats save
YouTubeVideo demonstration of GreenTech’s smart thermostat in action8
DecidingWhy should I choose
GreenTech over
InstagramCustomer testimonials and success stories with before-after energy savings10
ConsumingHow do I set up my new
GreenTech product?
YouTubeStep-by-step installation and setup guides for each product
SatisfactionHow can I maximize the
benefits of my
GreenTech products?
Email NewsletterMonthly tips and tricks on optimizing energy savings and product features7
Passive lookingAre smart homes really
Blog“The Environmental Impact of a Smart Home: Facts & Figures”8
Active lookingHow much can I save
with water-saving
FacebookInfographics showing average water savings with GreenTech products9
DecidingWhat are the long-term
benefits of GreenTech
InstagramTime-lapse video showing a year’s worth of energy and water savings9
ConsumingAre there any maintenance tips for my
Blog“Maintaining Your GreenTech Products: A Comprehensive Guide”7
SatisfactionHow can I be part of the
eco-friendly community?
Email Newsletter
Invitations to local eco-friendly events, workshops, and webinars8

Note: The above table is based on a fictitious company and the content ideas are generated based on the provided criteria.

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Targeted Content Idea Generator

Ai concocts ten content marketing ideas, harmonizing audience needs, customer journey, and channels.

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Ai concocts ten content marketing ideas, harmonizing audience needs, customer journey, and channels.

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