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Training Manual (Internal)

Create your very own training manual for your business. Save time and structure your business properly.


Outline for New Sales Associate Internal Training


I. Welcome and Introduction
A. Welcome Letter from the CEO
B. Company History and Mission
C. Importance of Sales Team to the Company

II. Company Culture and Values
A. Overview of Company Culture
B. Core Values
C. Expected Behaviors and Mindsets

III. Policies and Procedures
A. Attendance and Punctuality
B. Dress Code and Professional Appearance
C. Communication Protocol
D. Sales Process and Procedures
E. Customer Interaction and Engagement
F. Data Handling and Privacy

IV. Sales Tools and Resources
A. Overview of Sales Tools
B. CRM Training
C. Product Knowledge and Resources
D. Accessing Marketing Materials

V. Performance Expectations and Goals
A. Sales Targets and Objectives
B. Performance Metrics
C. Feedback and Performance Reviews

VI. Health, Safety, and Wellbeing
A. Workplace Safety Procedures
B. Health and Wellness Resources
C. Stress Management and Work-Life Balance

VII. Continuous Learning and Development
A. Available Training Programs
B. Mentorship and Coaching
C. Opportunities for Advancement

VIII. Important Contacts and Support
A. HR Contacts
B. Sales Team Directory
C. IT Support

IX. Appendices
A. Glossary of Common Terms
C. Additional Resources

X. Acknowledgement
A. Acknowledgement Form (to be signed by the new employee)

The goal of this manual is to provide a solid foundation for new Sales Associates to understand the company culture, expectations, and necessary procedures to perform their roles effectively. Each section is designed to be engaging, concise, and informative, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for our new hires.

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Training Manual (Internal)

Create your very own training manual for your business. Save time and structure your business properly.

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Create your very own training manual for your business. Save time and structure your business properly.

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